MSU's experience in coal gasification, a technology that converts coal into a cleaner energy source with reduced emissions, has provided a viable alternative for our customers in need of more affordable energy.

Through our efforts to make coal an energy resource that is both clean and efficient, clean energy for power generation, hydrogen for refining and captured carbon dioxide for enhanced oil recovery in mature fields.

the unlocks the potential of low rank coal by efficiently converting it to high quality synthesis gas for a wide variety of industrial and energy applications. During this process, coals with high moisture and ash content become viable, lower-cost sources of energy.

Coal gasification technology provides a number of benefits. It requires lower capital and operation costs, consumes less energy and requires less water than other processes. It also transforms lower cost feedstock into high quality syngas which allows us to utilize a cleaner, affordable source of energy for the next generation.

and this image of illustration for Gasification Process :