Description :

Liqui-pol is a liquid anionic polymer viscosifier with high molecular weight providing rapid viscosity without the problems associated with mixing, as is the case with most powdered polymers. It provides a complete drilling fluid system and mixes very rapidly in fresh or brackish water.

Aplications :
Liqui-pol can be used in diamond drilling or water well drilling:
  1. Produces rapid viscosity.
  2. Very cost effective - low concentration required.
  3. Reduces rod chatter and torque - increases core recovery.
  4. Inhibits water sensitive formations - improves borehole stability.


Water Well Drilling Advantages

  1. The polymer can be easily and economically broken down for the development of water wells after setting screens.
  2. Controls sticky clays and inhibits water sensitive, swelling formations.
  3. Promotes effective settling of drilling solids in surface pits.
  4. Cost effective and economical to transport.
Water Well Drilling Recommended Treatment

Add 1.0 – 1.5 L / m3 for complete water well drilling fluid.


25 Kg cube

20 Kg box

1050 Kg IBC