DIMENSIONS : Diameter 35.6 mm x Length 770 mm, weight 2,4 kg
ELECTONICS : Waterproof. Should water intrusion occur instrument will be replaced provided no attempt has been made to disassemble the probe.
RUNNING GEAR : Not included in Kit price: 3x 1.5m "E" Rods and Landing Collars to suit hole size
ACCURACY : Azimuth +/- 0.5 degrees RMS, Dip +/- 0.2 degrees RMS
BATTERY : Non rechargeable Lithium 12 month life
DATA AVAILABLE : Azimuth, Inclination, Magnetic Field, Roll Face, Temperature, Date, Time
USER FUNCTIONS : Hole Reference, Hole Depth
MEMORY CAPACITY : 999+ Surveys


orishot product

Precision Instrumentation for the mining industry

  • Light weight ruggedised handset for harsh conditions
  • Wireless communications for convenient use
  • Measures ROLL and DIP
  • Easy to operate and maintain


Specifically designed to meet the needs of the mining industry ORIshot provides a reliable core sample orientation solution for the mining industry.

The ORI shot offers features such as real-time data viewing, graphic display for core alignment to top dead centre, wireless communications and  the ability to use multiple Ori probes with a single handset.

Survey Method
The ORIshot provide maximum flexibility to the user when taking orientation shots. Surveying is controlled using a ruggedised handset which is used to select probes.

Data Transfer

The ORIshot uses wireless technology to transfer data from each of the probes. Simply press the data recovery key and all survey data is quickly transferred ready for analysis.

Data Display
Orientation data can be viewed using the ORIshot handset. Data can be view
as a graphical representation of the orientation of the core sample or as a numerical value.
Parameters The ORIshot provides the user with the following key parameters in analys ing survey data:

  • Inclination (DIP)          0° to ± 89°
  • Roll Angle                     0° to ± 70°
  • Temperature               -10° to ± 70°

SPECIFICATION specification

NOTE: Specifications subject to change without notice.