Description :

Aus-trol is white granular organic polymer that forms a clear, colloidal solution in fresh or salty water.


Aus-trol is a protective colloid which inhibits the hydration of water sensitive formations, improving core recovery in diamond drilling applications. Aus-trol reduces pump pressure, rod torque, vibration and improves bit life.

Aus-trol can be used with Aus-gel, CR-650 and Liqui-pol to give a complete core recovery fluid that is solids free. It can also be used to make up stiff foam in air drilling operations.

  1. Effective - Improved core recovery in most difficult drilling conditions
  2. Economical - Saves on freight costs, storage and mixing time
  3. Versatile - Works in fresh or salty water and reduces filtrate loss to improve hole stability through sensitive clays
  4. Environmentally Friendly - AUS-TROL is non toxic and does not ferment. The product is colourless, odourless and tasteless in water.
Recommended Treatment
Appllication kg / m3
To make up complete drilling fluid 2 - 3
To stop rod vibration, reduce torque and lower circulating pressur 0.5 - 1.0
To improve foam performance and hole condition 1 - 2
Packaging : 1 Kg Plastic bags - 15 plastic bags to a carton or pail