High Yield Bentonite

Description :

Aus-gel is a modified high quality grade sodium Bentonite formulated to ensure ease of mixing with superior mud making qualities in fresh water. Aus-gel is designed for use in mineral exploration, water well and directional drilling applications.


Aus-gel is recommended as a high yielding viscosifier for building a mud system with excellent hole cleaning properties and low filtrate values in fresh to brackish water. The product produces an economical, low solids drilling fluid which has specific application in water wells where permeable sections or poorly consolidated caving formations can be troublesome. Aus-gel yields approximately twice the amount of standard unadulterated Bentonites.

  1. Yields rapidly in fresh water to give a high viscosity
  2. Economical – single product preparation of a low solids drilling mud
  3. Economical – cost effective
  4. Enhances fluid loss characteristics
  5. Assist in bore hole stabilisation
  6. Helps eliminate loss circulation conditions
  7. Environmentally friendly – does not ferment and is non-toxic.

Typical Properties

Appearance : Light couloured tan powder

Moisture : 8 - 10 %

Specific gravity : 2.35 - 2.55

pH (4% solution) : 9.0 - 10.0

Recommended Treatment

Appllication kg / m3
Normal drilling conditions 18 - 32
Unconsolidated formations 35 - 50
Loss circulation and caving formations 45 - 60
Make-up for stiff foam systems 15 - 30
Packaging : 25 Kg bags